Other Boys NYC is a documentary series that explores the diverse experiences of 50 queer and transgender men of color in New York City. The first 25 videos will premiere February 20, 2017 exclusively on SLAY TV, a global queer media network that elevates narratives by people of color. Following that, the remaining 25 videos will be released on a weekly basis.  


Other Boys NYC comes at a time in which race, sexuality and gender identity are hot button topics discussed in politics, the media and homes around the world. The series aims to inspire empathy and discussion through taking an intimate look at those topics as well as others like dating, family, masculinity, socio-economics, religion and career.

All too often the default portrayal of men within the LGBTQ community is cisgender, gay and white. Like the greater world, the LGBTQ community is one that cannot be represented as a singular thing. It is an intersection of people from all races, cultures and religions. Other Boys NYC presents a more inclusive and accurate picture of what it looks like to be a man of color within the LGBTQ community. This new series offers a dynamic view of humanity that will propel forward the dialogue around race, gender, and sexuality.

Filmmakers Abdool Corlette and Adam Vazquez produced the series to accurately reflect their experiences as queer men of color in the media.

Adam Vazquez is the co-producer of Other Boys NYC. He moved to New York City to study Film/Video at the School of Visual Arts, where he met Abdool Corlette. His diverse experience in the film industry includes producing, writing, casting, assistant directing, script supervising, and directing. Additionally, he has been an ongoing guest speaker on new media and film production at both LIU Brooklyn and LIM College. Currently, he is the Managing Director of Blue Jean Studio, and works as a freelance producer.

Abdool Corlette is the creator and co-producer of Other Boys NYC. He is an award-winning filmmaker based in New York City. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts' Film Program, Abdool has spent ten years working on commercial, narrative and documentary projects. He is passionate about showcasing stories of underrepresented communities in film and television. Currently Abdool is the Video Production Manager at GLAAD where he advocates for LGBTQ individuals by using video as a tool for social change.

“All too often the default portrayal of LGBTQ men in the media is cisgender, gay and white,” said Abdool Corlette. “However, the LGBTQ community is one that cannot be represented as a singular identity - it is an intersection of people from all races, cultures and religions. Growing up, I didn’t see myself or my story represented in the media, so instead of waiting for them to share our stories, Adam and I decided to make something that shines a spotlight on the richness of our community." 
Abdool Corlette, Creator
We are seeing increasing levels of violence against the LGBTQ community and people of color. The language being used in politics is divisive and does nothing to raise awareness about the struggles of people within these communities. Other Boys NYC is a new way to meet people of color and to see their stories told honestly. It creates an opportunity to listen, learn and find commonality. Other Boys NYC was created to bring people together through awareness and understanding.
Adam Vazquez, Co-Producer




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