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How was homosexuality viewed in your household growing up?

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What is masculinity?

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What projects are you working on?

The subjects in ‘Queer Icons’ are people of color, who maintain separate, individual identities within the queer community. These explorations of the edges of genders take place in the nuances of the contemporary urban world. A simple eye shape, an angle of a mouth, the tilt of the head — indicate a queering of conventional forms and roles … Much like traditional religious paintings conferred a sense of safety, calm and meditation into a home, the works in this series aspire to a similar sense of refuge, drawn from the inner grace of the subjects out onto a world that might not always be safe.” By applying a chine-collé technique to a polymer photogravure print process, I reference the style of Renaissance and Russian icon paintings. The technique and vision reveals the dignity of the everyday.

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Video Themes: CultureFamilyReligion

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From: Chicago, IL

Years in NYC: 14

Profession: Artist, Craftsman

Background: Mexican

Website: http://gabrielgarciaroman.com

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Read More about Gabriel’s “Queer Icons” series.

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